Souvlaki with… Rock n Roll mood!

Here where the Greek tradition and the tasting experience become art.

Welcome to Pork&Roll, our official website where quality meets originality and traditional authenticity meets innovation. Here at Pork&Roll we leave behind the usual and introduce a fresh approach and ideology to the enjoyment of good, traditional and Greek food. By combining the authentic taste of grilled food with the feeling of rock culture, we created a welcoming space and married the Greek roots of our island with today. Visit us and get ready to discover a unique island tasting experience that we offer exclusively for you, accompanied by the rhythm of the rock music scene.

Enjoy with us

The island twist of Pork & Roll

With a unique blend of traditional recipes and rock influences, our steakhouse offers an exquisite taste and atmosphere experience. In our store, discover our authentic dishes, inspired by the highest quality local ingredients, accompanied by your favorite all time classic rock songs. With this unique, on our island, experience we challenge you to experience the magic of taste and music with an... island twist.

The presentation of our special menu

Pork & Roll's unique menu features all the classic steakhouse options. A wide variety of meat portions, burgers and wrapped sandwiches are our first main options. However, our team, aiming for your absolute pleasure, modified the basic options of an ordinary steakhouse, enriching the menu with "delicatsessen" dishes. Along with additional special meat options, such as tomahawk steak 650gr, pancetta with garlic Pork&Roll Crispy, Pork Belly, they are selected to cover even your most demanding taste preferences. We promise you a taste journey that is sure to leave you with culinary memories.

Our decoration

Our decor reflects the unique traditional island atmosphere, and at the same time the spirit of Rock & Roll subversive music that we all love. Ceramic works of art that highlight our creativity, as well as handmade objects harmoniously placed in the space, lend a sense of uniqueness to every corner of our store. The wooden chairs offer a natural and comfortable feeling, while the pendant lights and interior lighting add a subtle glamor to the space. The decoration focuses on a modern approach, with clean lines and modern elements. This combination, the wooden and ceramic elements as well as all the modern details, creates a sophisticated and interesting space that attracts and offers a unique experience to the guests. The images of the island speak for themselves and decorate the place, as the olive trees and green elements add a sense of natural integration with the space. Overall, Pork&Roll's decor combines our local tradition with modern style and rock music, making the atmosphere attractive to customers looking for something different from the classics.

The point of our shop and meeting with our customers

The ideal choice for lovers of good food and music! We welcome you to a warm brand new welcoming space, where the authentic taste meets the genuine summer breeze. We are located just 100 meters from the nearest coast, offering you the opportunity to enjoy your summer dinner after or even before your swim in the sea. In addition, our distance of only 50 meters from a bus stop facilitates the access of our customers to and from our steakhouse. With the specific comfort you provide, we are waiting for you from every corner of our island. We are located in a central part of the area, along the road of Agia Paraskevi, where a large number of tourists pass by every day. For this reason, we are considered among the ideal and "musthave" tasting destinations for those looking for perfection in taste and excellent service.

Vegetarian options

At a time when consumers are looking for more options, we understand this and have incorporated it into our menu. Customers are now looking not only for traditional flavors, but also for healthy, environmentally friendly options. Our team understands this and put it into practice. We respond to this specific demand by offering you a refined variety of Vegetarian dishes, while remaining faithful to the tradition of our local dishes, which satisfies even the most demanding customers.

Takeaway services

In the era of fast-paced life, customers are looking for more options to enjoy their food. Taking advantage of the convenience of takeaway services, we have provided this for you as well. Without the need to visit our store or stay at our place, we give everyone the opportunity to enjoy your favorite flavors in your place.

«Delicatsessen» options

A few words about what our so-called "delicatsessen" dishes are: It is used as a global term to describe refined and exceptional quality dishes or dishes. They are considered attractive because of their quality and eclectic taste. In our store, you will find a specific variety of these types of dishes, presented with special care and preparation.


Appetizers and fresh salads

Discover the perfect accompaniment to your meal with our fluffy appetizers and fresh salads, made only with local ingredients. Start your meal with our traditional appetizers, and indulge in the harmonious combination of flavors.

For meat lovers: Are you a fan of good meat?

If you're looking for it, you've already found it. In the "formeatlovers" category of our menu, discover our rich dishes from fine grilled gluten-free meats to designed delicacies, which will satisfy even the most demanding customer. Here, meat is at the center of every main meal.

For Vegan lovers

Choices and tasty surprises for healthy lovers of vegan cuisine! In the "vegan lovers" section of our menu, we offer a specific variety of fresh, organic ingredients that bring out the traditional flavors of a modern steakhouse. Get ready to experience the ultimate vegan cuisine of a steakhouse.

All time classic options (burgers and wrapped sandwiches)

If you are a customer of simple but tasty food, Pork&Roll has taken care of these options for you as well. Hearty burgers and sandwiches wrapped in a pita or bun, with fresh meat, are an easy choice for those who don't particularly want to venture out.

Kids menu

In our store, our team also takes care of our little friends who visit us. With our special children's menu, every bite is a taste adventure that will delight them. Our menu offers healthy and delicious options, as the meats go through a special preparation exclusively for children.


Our tasty variety is completed with the desserts on our menu. Because we know that every dessert is a delight of taste and senses, discover with us the sweet summer delight you deserve.


Enjoy our delicious selection of wines, a refined selection consisting of white, red or rosé wines. They accompany you perfectly in every taste of our menu, expressing their character.

Cocktails and spirits

Discover our refined collection of cocktails and selected spirits that will accompany your culinary pleasure, as well as classic cocktail recipes. We offer you the perfect options, ideal for every meal and your taste preference.

Soft drinks and coffees

On our menu, you will find a wide variety of soft drinks, juices and coffees to quench your thirst directly with your visit during the summer months. Enjoy the coolness of a drink to start or even finish your day with energy.

Emergency music Red Button now also on Pork & Roll

What can happen when someone presses the mysterious red button in the toilet area in Pork&Roll? Our store brings the new trend of "RedButton" exclusively for you, accompanied by a musical and especially illuminated surprise in the interior of the toilet. We are waiting for you to discover it and offer you unique moments of musical entertainment.