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Greek yogurt, Cucumber, garlic, vinegar & olive oil

Spicy Cheese salad

Feta Cheese

With olive oil & oregano


Feta cheese, green hot peppers, fresh tomatoes, oregano

Grilled Talagani cheese

with sweet grapes


fried pastry with cured beef

French fries

Truffle French Fries

with parmesan grated cheese, truffle oil & Truffle mayo

Fried Eggs

with French fries

Fried Egg

with Soutzouki & French fries (Mild or Hot Spicy)


with Garlic


with Strained Yogurt

Fried Twisted cheese pie

Chicken Sticks

Giant beans

slow cooked in tomato sauce & herbs


Tomato & Cucumber

Tomato, cucumber, oregano & olive oil.

Dakos Salad

Barley rusk, chopped tomatoes, feta cheese, oregano & olive oil


Chicken gyros, green salad, corn, croutons & Caesars Sause

Pork & Roll

Green salad, with orange, manouri cheese, nuts, & homemade vinaigrette sauce

For meat lovers

Gyros Pork

pita, tomato, onion, tzatziki & french fries

Gyros Chicken

pita, tomato, mustard sauce & french fries

Gyros Club Sandwich

Gyros pork or chicken, french fries, cheese, tomato, sauce of your choice

Variety of Mini Gyros

4 delicious mini pittas wrapped with pork gyros, tomato, onion, tzatziki or chicken gyros,
tomato, mustard sauce & french fries


3 pieces of kebab, with pita bread, grilled tomato, grilled pepper & onion


3 pieces of kebab, with pita bread, yogurt & homemade tomato sauce

Veal burger

served with green salad & french fries

Chicken burger

served with green salad & french fries

Pork Souvlaki

3 pork souvlaki with french fries, pita bread, salad & tzatziki

Lamb Souvlaki

3 pork souvlaki with french fries, pita bread, salad & tzatziki

Chicken Souvlaki

3 chicken souvlaki with french fries, pita bread, salad & mustard sauce

Grilled Chicken Wings

Grilled marinated chicken winks, served with green salad, french fries & BBQ sauce

Lamb Chops

served with green salad & french fries

Tomahawk Pork Chop 650gr

with french fries & mustard sauce

Pork & Roll Sausages Quartet

mix of 4 type of Greek sausages with French fries, pita bread & mustard sauce

Pork & Roll Crispy Pork Belly

marinated with garlic and spices served with French fries, roasted tomato,
roasted corn & BBQ Sauce

Mix Grill for 2 people

pork souvlaki, chicken souvlaki, kebab, pork gyros, veal burger, sausage, lamb chops,
french fries, pita bread, BBQ sauce & mustard sauce



beef burger, cheddar cheese, iceberg, pickles, homemade sauce

Chili Burger

beef burger, cheddar cheese, iceberg, pickles, Chili Sauce

Truffle Burger

beef burger, cheddar cheese, iceberg, pickles, mushrooms & truffle mayo sauce

Pork & Roll Burger

beef burger, fried egg, cheddar cheese, iceberg, BBQ Sauce

Vegan lovers


With tomato, onion & sesame sauce

Gyros Mushrooms

with pita bread & french fries

Vegan burger portion

2 pieces of vegan burger with french fries, salad & mustard sauce

Vegan Burger

with tomato, iceberg, pickles & mustard sauce

Kids menu

Chicken nuggets

rench fries, ketchup & fruit juice


veal burger, cheddar cheese, ketchup & fruit juice

Mini Pita Gyros (Pork or Chicken)

with french fries, ketchup & fruit juice


Gyros Pork

Gyros Chicken

Souvlaki Pork 100gr

Souvlaki Chicken fillet 100gr

Kebap 100gr

Kebap filled with Philadelphia crème cheese 100gr

Beef Burger

Chicken Burger

Greek Sausage


Chicken Nuggets


Mini Pita (pcs.)

Pita (pcs.)

Yogurt Sauce

Mustard Sauce

BBQ Sauce

Chili Sauce

Truffle Mayo sauce


Yogurt with Sweet Sour Cherry

Greek Baklava with ice cream

Greek Walnut spice cake with ice cream

Coffees / Tea / Chocolate

Nescafe / Espresso / Espresso Double

Cappuccino / Latte / Americano

Tea (English Breakfast/Green)

Liqueur Coffees

Irish Coffee / Tia Maria Coffee

Baileys Coffee / Kahlua Coffee

Juices & soft drinks

Homemade Lemonade

Juices (all fruit flavors)

Sparkling Water 0,33lt / Sparkling Water 1,00lt

Mineral water 0,50lt / Mineral Water 1lt

Iced Tea / Soft Drinks


Repi / Fix 0,50L

Fix 0% 0,50lt / Fix Dark 0,50lt

Kaizer 0.50lt

Mythos Draft 0,33lt / Mythos Draft 0.50lt


Spirits / Premium Spirits / Liqueurs


Ouzo / Tsipouro

Campari / Aperol


Metaxa 3* / Metaxa 5* /Metaxa 7*


All Ciders


House Wine Glass 150ml

House Wine 500ml / House Wine 1000ml

Prima Terra white 750ml, Domaine Hatzimichalis

Sauv. Blanc- Athiri- Asyrtiko, Atalanti

Prima Terra rose 750ml, Domaine Hatzimichalis

Grenache- Sauv. Blanc- Syrah, Atalanti

Prima Terra red 750ml, Domaine Hatzimichalis

Cab. Sauv.- Mavroudi- Syrah, Atalanti